20191212        Machiavellian Misgivings about International Judges: Create and Counsel, but always Curb  Philosophy Department, University of Malaga

20191128        Majoritarian Populism versus Human Rights Protection – how might International Courts Respond?     Max Plank Institute, Heidelberg

20191120        Regional human rights systems: Protectors of human rights, or of national and regional identities – or both? PluriCourts Wednesday seminar

20191030        Better Cairns, not better Crutches: how to improve the consensus “doctrine” for Europe – and beyond    PluriCourts Political Philosophy Seminar

20191014        Forholdet mellom EMD og nasjonale domstoler   For dommere, Gardermoen

20190927        On the ASEAN Declaration on Human Rights     PluriCourts, for visiting scholars from Thammasat University Bangkok

20190917      A just yet inegalitarian European Union? A liberal contractualist defense of moderate inequality   EUI workshop on Is Europe Unjust?

20190608        Organized Panel on the Legitimacy of International Courts            Panel 91, IVR conference Lucerne

20190608        “Current contributions of the natural law tradition to international law“    Working Group 12, IVR conference Lucerne

20190614        “Add international courts and stir… Reconstructing Human Rights Practices: Risks, Roles and Repercussions” On Beitz’ The Idea of Human Rights Minho, Portugal

20190612        Workshop on ERC Application writing PluriCourts

20190603        Common goods and IC            Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

20190524        Customary international law and consent       Groningen

20190509        Workshop on ERC application writing – startup       PluriCourts

20190503        On applying for ERC grants      MultiLing

20190409        “International law and the natural law tradition”   ECPR joint sessions, Mons

20190319        “the idea of human rights” @ 10 – on Beitz        IPLT seminar PluriCourts

20190313        ‘Gender inequity on the international bench’ PluriCourts seminar

20190214        “Rettsvitenskap og filosofi”   Juridisk fakultet – workshop om rettsvitenskapelig metode

20190201        “Challenges to legitimacy and the role of European courts” at workshop on Authority and legitimacy of the European Union        LUISS Rome/ RECONNECT


20181214 “The comparative advantages of international courts for managing global public goods” DK Climate Change University of Graz

20181213 Regional Human Rights regimes. “Human rights protection or respect for national and regional identities – or both” Denkzeitraum/ Institute of Philosophy, University of Graz

20181213 “On authorship of joint publications – disciplines, hierarchy and gender” University of Graz

20181201 “Toward an Ethiopian Economy of Trust: the Demands for and Under-Supply of Trust in the Ethiopian Federation” University of Makele, Ethiopia

20181129 “Stability in ethnic territorial federations with a secession clause – challenges and opportunities in the case of Ethiopia” University of Makele, Ethiopia

20181128 “Humanistisk forskning: teori-drevet heller enn empiri-fokusert?” NFR Lysaker

20181121 “Natural law theories and international law” University of Liverpool

20181108 “Stability in ethnic territorial federations with a secession clause – challenges and opportunities in the case of Ethiopia” Copenhagen /UiTromsø

20181018 “ERC-application workshops – experiences” for ‘The Guild of Research Universities” Professorboligen, University of Oslo

20181016 “Forholdet mellom EMD og nasjonale domstoler” Kurs for dommere – Gardermoen

20180927 “The Significance of State Consent” Workshop on the Variable authority of ICs Frankfurt

20180923 “International human rights in Norway: Impact, Pushback and Dialogue” Svalbard University Centre

20180912 “ Current contributions of the natural law tradition to international law” PluriCourts seminar

20180911 “Majoritarian Populism Versus Minority Rights Protection – How Might International Courts Respond?” Department of Political Science, University of Oslo.

20180901 “The significance of state consent” APSA Boston

20180823 “Natural law theories and international law” ECPR Hamburg

20180819 “Insights of Populism” Panel on populist nationalism, current international institutions, world government, or global federalism? World Congress of Philosophy Beijing

20180814 “Comments on Peffer”Panel on Justice as fairness versus Justice as fair rights, World Congress of Philosophy Beijing

20180814 “Majoritarian Populism Versus Minority Rights Protection – How Might International Courts Respond?” Panel on Political Philosophy, World Congress of Philosophy Beijing

20180704 “On The Internationalists” Berlin

20180625? “On the Margin of Appreciation doctrine –regional comparisons” Panel , ICON Hong Kong

20180620 “The Comparative advantage of International Courts for ‘Global Public Goods'” Workshop on global public goods, Oslo.

20180531 “On The new legitimation challenges to international courts
– and how they might respond” Brandeis workshop for international judges, Oslo

20180524 “Why defer to a new MultiLateral Investment Court? – Three Themes” On the design of a Multilateral Investment Court – meeting with Member State officials, EU Commission, Brussels

20180519 “Protecting and Promoting Universal, European or Western European Human Rights?” The ECHR in East-West Relations: Norms, Values and Legal Politics, Moscow

20180509 “On PluriCourts’ Research plan” JUR9020 PhD Course, University of Oslo

20180426 “Human rights in ‘other’ international courts – some issues of legitimacy” Workshop on human rights in non-human rights courts, Florence

20180306 “Majoritarian Populism versus Minority Rights Protection – how might international courts respond?” University of Tromsø workshop

20180227 “Better signposts or better walking sticks? How to improve the “Emerging European Consensus” doctrine of the European Court of Human Rights – and Why?“ PluriCourts Human Rights seminar

20180217 “Subsidiarity as a general principle of international law?” Conference on ‘General Principles of Law – in National, European and International Law’, Paris

20180215 “Improving the European Consensus Doctrine: A Better Signpost, Not a Better Walking Stick” European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg

20180126 “Are concepts of legitimacy for international courts related, and how?” Seminar, Political Theory Group, Stockholm Universitet


“The legitimacy critiques of international courts – beyond a taxonomy” PPWG workshop, UiO

“Forholdet mellom EMD og nasjonale domstoler” Kurs for dommere, Gardermoen

“International Legal Human Rights: Neither Minimum Standards nor Directive Ideals. Implications of a ‘Political’ Theory of Human Rights,” NorthWestern University, Chicago

“The European Research Council: whither hopes and fears?” – ECPR Conference Oslo

“Are legitimacy critiques of International Courts only rhetorical rephrasing of dislikes, or can they be reasoned normative assessments?” ECPR Conference Oslo

“The bias of the European Court of Human Rights against Economic and Social Human Rights: a Modest Defense” Venice Academy of human Rights

“The roles of international and regional courts in protecting and promoting economic and social human rights: what can they do, what should they do?” Venice Academy of Human Rights

“The Empirical Turn in Legal Science” iCourts-PluriCourts Summer school, Copenhagen

“Subsidiarity as a general principle of law” Conference on General Principles as Applied by International Courts and Tribunals and the Coherence of International Law, Paris

“A Better Signpost or a Better Walking Stick? How to Improve the Emerging European Consensus Doctrine and Why Bother?” Conference on the Legal Philosophy of Global Constitutionalism Pompeu Fabre University, Barcelona

“Towards a more just WTO: Which justice, whose interpretation?“ Normative Orders – Frankfurt

“Gender Inequity on the International Bench – So What? Why Be concerned – and why not.” PluriCourts Workshop on Gender on the International Bench , Oslo

“Human Rights in Norway – toward a research agenda” Prague

“Reflective Equilibrium as justification and research method – Human Rights Research as Example” Vitenskapsteoriseminar, HF-fakultetet

“The Legitimate Authority of International Courts and its Limits: A challenge to Raz’ Service Conception?” Dublin

“Lessons from judicial dialogues between the European, the African and the Inter-American Courts of Human Rights“ PluriCourts Buenos Aires workshop

“Humanistisk forskning for et samfunn i forandring” Innledning til møte om
Humanistiske fag – selvforståelse og samfunnsoppdrag Videnskapsakademiet

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” Department of Philosophy, The Arctic University of Norway – Tromsø

“The role of the ECtHR: protecting minority rights or respecting democracy, or both – or neither?” The Arctic University of Norway – Tromsø

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” Nordic Network for political theory, Oslo

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” University of Gothenburg

“Domstolens og dommernes uavhengighet, hvorfor og hva slags?” Ryssdalseminaret

“Constitutionalization or democratication of ICs?” Center for Deliberative Democracy, Canberra

“On Sovereign Wealth Fund complicity and disinvestment” ANU Canberra

“The legitimacy of authorities in the multi-level global basic structure: the case of International Courts” Workshop On the legitimacy of the state, Sydney

“Regional Human Rights Courts: protecting human rights or respecting state sovereignty – or both? The Margin of Appreciation Doctrine of the European Court of Human Rights as a model” Bangkok Winter School on Human Rights, German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG), Thammasat University, Bangkok

Three lectures on “Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts”, Munich Advanced Course in International Law (MACIL)

“Democracy, Identity and European Public Spheres” Prague summer school at Krkonoše

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” Shanghai – Harvard conference on justice

“International Courts’ Legitimacy – a normative perspective” eiCourts-PluriCourts summer school

“Subsidiarity” – ICON Conference Berlin

“European Consensus – Cairns or Crutches?” Workshop on European Consensus, EUI

“on PluriCourts’ research on gender on the bench” PluriCourts Annual Workshop

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” Workshop on “The Rise of International Courts: Normative and Sociological Perspectives”, EUI

“7 Habits of Highly Reluctant Nordic States -Explanations and Challenges to Scepticism toward Judicial Review” Still Exceptional? Nordic Countries Constitutional Tradition in the 21st Century, Conference at EUI

“On the separation of powers doctrine and International Courts” Workshop on Republicanism and International Courts, Barcelona

“On divestment from the oil industry” Panel debate, ‘Concerned Students’ association, University of Oslo

“Not Cairns but Crutches: Emerging European consensus – why it should matter for the margin of appreciation, and how.” Workshop on the Margin of Appreciation and Democracy, iCourts, Copenhagen

“On equity and fair division in international law” The Arctic University of Norway – Tromsø

“MultiRights – findings” MultiRights Concluding Conference, Oslo

“The Soul of Europe in the Balance – the conflict between the ECtHR and the CJEU” Workshop on “Europe and Global Justice.” Tufts university

“European Identity and EU Responses to the Refugee Crisis” EPIIC, Tufts University

“Constitutionalization, not democratization of international law” Workshop on global Constitutionalism, EUI

“Fragmentation and integration for better and worse: Assessing the doctrines of a Margin of Appreciation and of the Emerging European Consensus” Conference on The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a User’s Perspective. Ghent, Belgium

“On the writing and submission process” Publish and Flourish Workshop, PluriCourts

“The ASEAN Declaration on Human Rights: a principle of subsidiarity to the rescue?” – AseanSIL Conference Bangkok

“The ASEAN Declaration on Human Rights: a principle of subsidiarity to the rescue?” – German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG), Thammasat University, Bangkok<

“Criteria for [parliamentary] civil disobedience of international courts” Workshop on ‘International Human Rights Judiciary and Parliaments’ Middlesex, London
“The Soul of Europe in the Balance – Supremacy of the European Court of Human Rights or the Court of Justice of the European Union – what is at stake?”  Tromsø

Participant, workshop on the ECtHR rulings on prisoners in Russia, Moscow

Initiator, Akademimøte om prioriteringer av helsetjenester, Bergen

“Politics of Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability at the ECtHR” Independence of ICs” Workshop on Politics of judicial independence and judicial accountability, Prague

Introduction, Workshop on the Performance of International Courts – Temple University  [org]

“On the relationship between authority and legitimacy of international courts – Reflections on Alter-Helfer-Madsen: ‘How context shapes the authority of international courts’ ” Northeastern University, Chicago

“Does The Margin of Appreciation Doctrine Benefit or Hinder the ECtHR’s Contribution to Democratic Transitions?” Workshop on The European Court of Human Rights: Promoter or Predator of Democratic Transitions?    Istanbul

“Legitimation strategies of international courts: strategic bootstrapping, transitional justice in practice, cynical manipulation – or all of the above ” at Panel on -The Legitimacy of International Courts – What is it, Does it make a Difference?  ECPR General Conference Montreal, Canada

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” Presentation at workshop on “Legitimacy discourses about international courts: Reason or emotion?” IVR 2015 Washington

“Exporting Subsidiarity and the Margin of Appreciation: Lessons for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ”  Workshop on “International human rights courts: enhancers or enemies of democracy – or both? European and Inter-American perspectives ”  IVR Washington

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” at Justitia Amplificata conference on “The Challenges of Global Pluralism”, Frankfurt

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?” Political Philosophy Colloquium, Frankfurt

“Brighton and Beyond: Backlashes against the European Court of Human Rights – and how to respond” Venice Academy on Human Rights

“How the European Court of Human Rights integrates and disintegrates communities and domestic courts” Venice Academy on Human Rights

“The Two Tribes at Lido: Fragmentation in MultiCultural Communities and in International Human Rights Law – Joint challenges and options” Venice Academy on Human Rights

“On the relationship between authority and legitimacy” Summer School CPH iCourts

PluriCourts strategy, Refsnes Gods

“Engagement, Divestment or Both: Conflicts and Interactions -The Case of the Norwegian Pension Fund” Oxford University

“On the ‘Emerging Consensus’ Doctrine”, workshop on “Subsidiarity and the Margin of Appreciation” , Oslo

Review of  Albert Weale: Democratic Justice and the Social Contract, Workshop Rome

“On Effectiveness, Subsidiarity  and the Margin of Appreciation” Annual PluriCourts Conference

“Bør banker berges?“– kommentar, Videnskaps-Akademiet

“Om Høyesterett” University of Bergen

“The Legitimation Strategies of the European Court of Human Rights” Workshop on “The Quest for Legitimacy in World Politics – International Organizations’ Self-Legitimations” Warsaw ECPR

“The European Court of Human Rights: Between Scylla and Charybdis? Does subsidiarity and the margin of appreciation help the Court protect international human rights and respect sovereignty – or neither?” Seminar on Sovereignty, University of Leuven

“Criteria for [parliamentary] civil disobedience of international courts: A theory of Civil Disobedience for International Law” at MultiRights Workshop on ‘The International Human Rights Judiciary and National Parliaments,’ Oslo

“The Authority of International Courts: Raz’ Service Conception’ and Beyond”   Tromsø workshop

Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How? Workshop on Legitimacy, Barcelona

“Are Concepts of Legitimacy for International Courts Related, and How?”  ISA New Orleans

“Conclusions on Proportionality,” Workshop on Proportionality in International Law, Paris

“The European Court of Human Rights: Between Scylla and Charybdis? Does subsidiarity and the margin of appreciation help the Court protect international human rights and respect sovereignty – or neither?” Conference on Transnational federalism, Queen Mary University of London

“The Authority of International Courts: Raz’ Service Conception’ and Beyond”
iCourts conference on International Jurisprudence: Rethinking the Concept of Law in the light of Contemporary International Legality, Copenhagen

“Constitutionalization of international law – what would count as constitutional moments? Lessons from the EU” Conference on Constitutional Moments, Turning Points and Legacies in the Formation of Political Communities in Historical Perspectives, Bangkok

“The Principle of Subsidiarity and the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine of the European Court of Human Rights” Winter Course on Human Rights, German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, Bangkok

On Legitimacy – Concepts and Methods PluriCourts workshop, Oslo

“Judicial Independence and legitimacy” Conference on The independence of the international judiciary, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

‘How the European Court of Human Rights enhances democracy – a defense’ The Berlin Workshop, Democracy programme University of Oslo

“Subsidiarity and International Courts”. Department of Public and International Law Seminar, Oslo

“How the ECtHR promotes transitional justice” MultiRights seminar

“Om å søke SFF” – Workshop, Faculty of Social Science, University of Oslo/ Lysebu

“Democratic and other standards of legitimacy for International Courts“ Symposium on Legitimacy and International Courts, Center for International & Comparative Law Baltimore

“The Normative Legitimacy of International Courts and Tribunals
Comments at Glasgow ECPR “ , ECPR Glasgow

“International Human Rights Courts: Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem of the ‘Essentially Contested’ International Rule of Law?“ Venice HR course

“Approaches to the legitimacy of international courts – is there an elephant in the room?” iCourts PhD course

“Subsidiarity and the European Court of Human Rights: respecting self governance and protecting human rights – or neither?” – Hertie School of Governance Berlin

“Tracking Justice democratically, or with international human Rights Review – or both?” Tromsø University

”Politics of Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability at the ECtHR” Masaryk University, Brno

“Does the margin of appreciation reduce the democratic deficit of the European Court of Human Rights?” Prague

“Publication strategies” – PluriCourts Publish & Flourish mentor workshop

“Subsidiarity to the Rescue for the European Court of Human Rights? Resolving tensions between the Margin of Appreciation and Human Rights Protection” Philosophical Foundations of Federalism – University of Luxembourg

“Om etikkrådet underlegges Norges Bank” innlegg på paneldebatt om ‘Skal Oljefondet være verdens beste’ – Forum for Utvikling og Miljø

“Future topics of cooperation” – Council of Europe

“Accountability of the European Court of Human Rights” PLuriCourts Conference with the Council of Europe, Oslo

“Legitimacy” – Legitimacy Workshop, PluriCourts Oslo

”Subsidiarity to the Rescue? Resolving tensions between the Margin of Appreciation and Human Rights Protection” Conference on Shifting Centres of Gravity in European Rights Protection, Iceland

Judicial Cosmopolitanism: the Case of the Progressive Interpretations by the European Court of Human Rights – Workshop on transitional justice and international courts, PluriCourts Oslo

“Appreciating the Margin of Appreciation in the European Court of Human Rights” Workshop on Margin of Appreciation, Paris

”How to assess the legitimacy of international courts within a global basic structure: Three approaches..” Amsterdam


‘Om menneskerettighetserklæringen’ – P1 Pluss

‘Religion and the State – the European Court of Human Rights and the ‘Lautsi’ case about crucifixes in Italian class rooms’. University of Tromsø

‘Menneskerettigheter og relativisme – Menneskerettigheter under press’, SVfakultetet, University of Oslo

Religion and the State – the European Court of Human Rights and the ‘Lautsi’ case about crucifixes in Italian class rooms Bangkok

“Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ at 500 years: Lessons for international human rights courts”. Bangkok Winter School on Human Rights

“Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ at 500 years: Lessons for international human rights courts”. Nordic Network in Political Theory, Oslo

Om PluriCourts, Nordic Network in Political Theory

‘Om proporsjonalitetsprinsippet i EMD’, Demokratiprogrammet

‘The Future of International Courts and Tribunals’. NYU/PluriCourts workshop on The Function of Judges and Arbitrators in International Law

“Machiavelli’s lessons for International Courts” International Association for Constitutional Law, Florence

‘About PluriCourts’ – NCHR

“The Claims of Indigenous Minorities to Self-determination over land and natural resources” CSMN workshop Oslo

‘Applying for ERC Starting Grants’ – PluriCourts Academic Career Workshop

‘The Legitimacy of International Courts’ – PluriCourts Workshop on Concepts and Methods

“Theories of Human Rights: Political or Moral – and why it matters “ Panel at World Congress Philosophy Athens

“Testing for proportionality: Protecting human rights and respecting sovereignty – or neither? IVR Belo Horizonte

‘Research training: “Your public research persona”, iCourts DK

“The fragmented discourses of legitimacy for international courts … – is there need for a unifying theory, and what might it look like?” iCourts, DK

“Research training: Building a CV” iCourts, DK

“Advice on winning ERC Advanced Grants” University of Oslo

“Introduction, Workshop on fragmentation of international human rights law”, Budapest

Conference in honor of Jim Nickel

“A Common European Identity for European Citizenship? European Citizenship 20 Years On” Uppsala University

“About PluriCourts,” Department of Political Science, Stockholm University

Margin of Appreciation, Tromsø University


A more democratic European Union? Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prescriptions and Prognosis. Is EU democracy possible? LSE London

“The Principle of Subsidiarity as a Constitutional Principle in International Law” Conference on Constitutional Jurisprudence – Function, Impact, and Challenges Thammasat University, Bangkok.

“The Legitimacy of Multi-Level Human Rights Judiciary – On MultiRights” – Winter School on Human Rights and Constitutional Law – Western and Asian Perspectives. Thammasat University, Bangkok.

“Human rights and democracy – On comparing the ECtHR and the Inter-American human rights system” Demokratikonferanse Aten

“Two Democratic Concepts of European Public Spheres “ University of Tromsø

“Two Domains of Health“ Global Health – legitimacy Oslo

”Is there an Elephant in the Room?Are Concepts of Legitimacy Related, and How?” iCourts Copenhagen University

‘Hvis det norske forbudet mot dobbelt statsborgerskap er løsningen, hva er problemet?’ Oslo

Comments at Conference on the Philosophy of Human Rights, Rome

‘The Legitimacy of international (human rights) courts, Israel

Legitimacy of international law and courts, PhD course, U of Oslo

”Er mediene del av løsningen på tillitskrisen, eller del av problemet?”- Partnerforum Oslo

Legitimacy of International human rights courts and treaty bodies Bucharest

Book Launch – Human Rights, Corporate Complicity and Disinvestment– Juridisk fakultet, UiO

Er internasjonal menneskerettighetsprøving legitim? – også i snille demokratier? Høyskolen i Lillehammer

Om religion i det offentlige rom: Krusifiksdommen. Litteraturhuset

On Federalism in Nepal’s constitution Facultés Universitaires Saint Louis, FUSL, Brussels

Om dobbelt statsborgerskap, Barne-, likestillings- og inkluderingsdepartementet/Sosialkomiteen

Hvorfor stater undertegner menneskerettighetskonvensjoner ? Ullern videregående skole

“Two Democratic Concepts of European Public Spheres: Deliberative Consensus, Political Contestation – or Both? Freie Universitaet Berlin


Launch of special issue on Nepal’s Constitution Writing Process, International Journal of Minority and Group Rights. NCHR

Lviv lectures: The Legitimacy of International Human Rights Law. Open Society Foundations project on the Philosophy of Human Rights.

Launch of special issue on Nepal’s Constitution Writing Process, International Journal of Minority and Group Rights National Judicial Academy, Kathmandu Nepal

Workshop on ’Territorial Federalism for Dalit’, Center for Constitutional Dialogue, UNDP, Kathmandu, Nepal

Boklansering – Human Rights, Corporate Complicity and Disinvestment– Machiavelliske samfunn, Blindern

Om føderalisme i Nepals grunnlov – Norge-Nepal foreningen

Book launch – Global Democracy – at Norwegian Institute in Rome

On MultiRights – philosophical and political aspects, Luiss University, Rome

Tracking Justice Democratically – Workshop on Epistemic Democracy in Practice, Yale


Comments on Chalmers, at workshop on  Framing and Taming Postnational Rulemaking, Amsterdam University

Rawls symposium: A Theory of Justice at 40, University of Oslo

“Federalism” for Nomos, American Political Science Association, Seattle

“The Principle of Subsidiarity as a Constitutional Principle in International Law: The Case of the EU and the European Convention on Human Rights”Panel on Federalism and Global Democracy, ECPR Reykjavik ECPR

“The Principle of Subsidiarity as a strategy for legitimate international problem-solving, for and against: The case of human rights treaties”  – Frankfurt IVR

”Union Citizenship: Based on values unique to Europeans?” Conference of Europeanists, Barcelona

”7 råd til forskere som vil søke om EU-midler” UiO forskningsadministrativ avdeling, og forskningsavdelingene i Kunnskapsdepartementet og Nærings- og handelsdepartementet

“Om forholdet mellom menneskerettighetskonvensjoner og menneskerettigheter” Norsk forening for rettsfilosofi, UiOslo

“Cosmopolitan Democracy: neither a Category Mistake nor a Categorical Imperative” Global Governance and Democratic Government University of Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies

“Protecting human rights in federal arrangements” — Conference on Federalism, Charles University, Prague

“Two concepts of a European Public Sphere” sketch presented at Workshop on European Public Sphere, Freie Universitaet Berlin

“The Principle of Subsidiarity as a strategy for legitimate international problem-solving, for and against: The case of human rights treaties” – Global Governance as Public Authority: Structures, Contestation, and Normative Change Hertie School of Government Berlin,

” Er internasjonal menneskerettighetsprøving legitim?” Litteraturhuset

“Kan John Rawls legitimere nyliberalisme? Kommentar til Dag Østerberg” Frokost med Bernt 10. mars 2011.

“Is International Human Rights Review an Undemocratic and Illegitimate Check on Parliament?” – German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance, Bangkok

“Social Justice  and Constitution: From Federalism to Rights” Human Rights and Social Justice in Nepal, Nepal National Judicial Academy, Kathmandu

“Subsidiarity and Human Rights” Hertie School of Government/Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin

“Boundaries as a normative problem.” Constitutionalism In a New Key? Cosmopolitan, Pluralist and Public Reason Oriented. Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin Rule of Law Center and Humboldt University of Berlin

“The Legitimacy Deficit of International Law – and of human rights treaties in particular: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prescriptions” Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin,


Internasjonal menneskerettighetsprøving og legitimitet, og EMD og Krusifikssaken (Case of Lautsi v. Italy

PhD seminar om Internasjonale menneskerettigheter, University of Oslo

Federalism and Human Rights in Nepal’s Constitutional Design: Challenges for the Judiciary

Universitat Popeu Fabra, Barcelona

Om prioriteringer i helsevesenet – Kunnskapssenteret om helsetjenesten, Oslo

Theories of Subsidiarity – Research group on intl relations, University of Oslo

The uneasy fit between international human rights and federations:
Tensions and (some) responses
Workshop on Democratic Governance and International Institutions – Resistance to International Institutions Stockholm

The Legitimacy of Human Rights Conventions – NordForsk PhD Course, Iceland

Project on the Philosophy of Human Rights,
/ Soros Foundation. Ukraine:

-“Confucian Roots of Human Rights?”

-“Human Rights and Relativism”,

– “Philosophical Research Methods on Human Rights”

“On Federalism and Human Rights in Nepal’s Constitution, and implications for the Judiciary”, National Judicial Academy, Kathmandu

On Federalism, Ethnicity and Human Rights  in Nepal“, Martin Chautari, Kathmandu

“Legitimacy of Human Rights Treaty Organs” – Workshop in Stirling, Scotland

“The Legitimacy of Human Rights Treaty Organs” – CAS Workshop in Paris

”Multi-level citizenship: causes and opportunities” Keynote at Conference on The Dynamics of Citizenship in the Post-Political World, Stockholm

Om ‘Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’ på Fritt Ords mote om Store Norske Leksikon

On the Crucifix case, at CAS

Om CULCOMs bok om rettferdighet, Universitetsforlaget

On Nepal, Democracy Conference

“Korsfestelsen av den europeiske menneskerettighetsdomstol” – Verdibørsen


International judicial review of human rights: Legitimate and democratic? – the case of the European Court of Human Rights Towards Nordic Juristocracy? Constitutionalisms, Rights and Democracy ind the Nordic Constitutional Systems. University of Turku, Finland

Hva slags likhet, Hvorfor likhet? Amartya Sen, John Rawls og Hilde Bojer om funksjoner, rettigheter og mulighetsrom
Seminar for Hilde Bojer, Det norske Videnskaps-Akademi

Om åpenhet og uavhengighet i Norges Bank, Det norske Videnskaps-Akademi

Bør stater ratifisere menneskerettighetskonvensjoner?
Aschehoug, Oslo

Om internasjonale domstoler og traktatorganer og legitimitet. Særlig: EMD, Seminar om internasjonale domstoler

Do we need a Unified Theory of Human Rights?, Minho, Portugal

Effektiv bistand?
Norge-Nepal foreningen Voksenåsen

On The Ethics Council of the Norwegian Pension Fund, Conference on Cosmopolitanism, Voksenåsen

Trygd og tillit: hvorfor mistanker om misbruk er farlige men vanskelig å
bekjempe. NAVkonferanse

On “Should states ratify human rights conventions?”
, New York University

The uneasy fit between international human rights and federations, ECPR, Potsdam

On Multilevel governance
, Multilevel Governance and the implementation of the EU, Baltic Sea Group, Brussels

Panel on Chaim Gans’ Just Zionism, (OUP), Chair, American Political Science Association, Toronto

Panel on Deliberative Democracy
, Chair, American Political Science Association, Toronto

CAS symposium/conference

Comments at Conference on Global Health, Tanzania

Symposium for Aanund Hylland
, Co-Chair, Oslo.

”On Chaim Gans’ Just Zionism, (OUP)Beersheba, Israel

PhD CourseUniversity of Oslo:

—“Rawls’ Theory of Justice”

“Should states ratify human rights conventions?”

—“Rawls’ Theory of international Justice”

—“Waldron’s criticism of judicial review”

“Should states ratify human rights conventions?” Beijing

“Is Democracy and Human Rights compatible with ’Asian Values’? – The case of Confusius”
Communications University of China, Beijing

“Driving Development: Business as a Force for Good?“
Global Compact Nordic Network, NHO

“Chaim Gans: Just Zionism”
Kultrans, U of Oslo

“Are International Human Rights Courts
undemocratic and illegitimate? – On Jeremy Waldron’s criticism of judicial review” Helsinki

“On human rights and religion” Helsinki

“On Education and Pluralism” Martin Chautari, Kathmandu

The efficiency of the European Union as a case against
democracy ” Seminar on “The case for Democracy – from Ancient Athens to
the European Union”

Demokrati som  ide og praksis, UiO

“Kan uttrekk og aktivt eierskap sameksistere eller må vi
velge?” Storebrand-seminar om samfunnsansvarlige investeringer

“On measuring Human Development and Gender Empowerment” – CSMN Workshop on Vital Needs
, Poverty and Gender Equity

“Human Rights in Europe” Workshop on Democracy and Legitimacy in Europe
, London

“Global Democracy – a Category Mistake?” Workshop on Ethical Dimensions of
International Institutions
, New Orleans

“Why Institutions Matter” Moral Philosophy Club
, U of Oslo

Judicial Review in the Nordic Countries
, Workshop
, Copenhagen 090116


‘On Engagement and Divestment’ Conference hosted by the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Finance: “Investing for the Future”

“When ‘Common Interests’ are not Common: Why the ‘Global Basic Structure’ should be Democratic “
, Conference on Global Constitutionalism: Process and Substance. Kandersteg
, Switzerland

“Stopper velferdsstaten ved landegrensen? Fordelingsrettferdighet
, bistand og utenrikspolitikk”
, Utenriksdepartementet

”Pensjonsfondets etiske råd: Målsetting og virkemåte” Det norske selskap
, Oslo

“China Minority Rights – Research Challenges” Conference on Minority Rights in China
, Voksenåsen

“Drafting a European Constitution Challenges and Opportunitites” Martin Chautari
, Kathmandu
, Nepal

“Normative Issues of Global Democracy
,” Discussant. International Studies Association, San Francisco

“International human rights courts – Democratic? Legitimate? A modest defense” University of Pittsburgh

“Can rights make citizens? From international human rights to
transnational citizenship” Issues for Citizenship in a Globalised World
, CÉRIUM Annual Conference
, University of Montreal

”Om Universitetets lønnspolitikk” – Ordstyrer
, Debatt i regi av Forskerforbundet, UiO. Ordstyrer

“On the Lisbon Treaty” Conference on The Lisbon Treaty and Beyond: Hype
, Hopes and Fairytales Oxford University

“The Council on Ethics of the Norwegian Pension Fund” IMN Conference
, Copenhagen

“The Lisbon Treaty and the Union’s Legitimacy Crisis – On Democracy
, Participation and Representation” Salzburg

“Should states ratify human rights conventions?” Moral Philosophy Club

Investment strategies and mechanisms – at Workshop on Protect
Respect and Remedy: A Discussion of John Ruggie’s Business & Human
Rights Framework. British Institute of International and Comparative
Law, London

The Legitimacy Challenge for New Modes of Governance:
Normative Standards and Compliance Issues
, NEWGOV, EUI, Florence

On Waldron’s arguments against judicial review
NCHR/CSMN Workshop

Why the European Convention on Human Rights and its court might be legitimate
NCHR/CSMN Workshop

On Thomas Pogge’s Theory of Human Rights
NCHR/CSMN Workshop

The Contributions of Institutions. NCHR/CSMN Workshop

Why the European Court on Human Rights might be legitimate
NCHR/CSMN Workshop

On Nordic Human Rights Judicial Review NOPSA
, Tromsø

, Studentersamfunnet debatt om Ekspertveldet

“On deliberative democracy” Panel
, American Political Science Association
, Boston
Comments on Mary Robinson: Human rights and legal empowerment
, University of Oslo

“On The White Paper on Governance” The Committee of the Regions
, Brussels

“The Cheery and Dark sides of Globalisation and Europeanisation.” STVforelesning
“Corporate Social Responsibility for Human Rights Violations:
On Globalisation and Complicity ” Telenor

“Does the EU need to become more democratic? And Risse
, Ropp Sikkink on Human Rights.” STV forelesning

“On Chaim Gans: Just Zionism (Oxford UP 2008) on Panel ‘Author Meets Critics’ Bard College
, New York
“On Federalism
, Ethnicity and Human Rights in Nepal” Kathmandu
, Nepal

“What is the ‘Democratic Deficit’ of the European Union
, and what should be done about it?” Prague
, Czech Republic

Paris: On Legitimacy in Normative Political Philosophy. Part of Preparatory Workshop
, “Should states ratify human rights conventions?”

“Contents and meaning of Human Rights respecting disinvestment strategy
of Norwegian pension fund” Conference on Socially Responsible Investing
and Human Rights
, Seoul
, South Korea

“Socially Responsible Investing in Response to Globalization” Forum on Socially Responsible Investing
, Seoul, South Korea

A Political Theory of Corporate Social Investing in Response to Globalization”
Stockholm University

“Urgent issues in global ethics” ‘European Workshop on Global Ethics and Public Policy’ The Hague


–“The Democratic Deficit of the European Union” Department of Political Science, Université de Lausanne.

 “Legitimacy Deficits beyond the State: Diagnoses and Cures” Universität Bern, Institut für Philosophie

judicial review of human rights democratic? Legitimate?”
, Compensatory
Constitutionalism  Opportunities and Impediments
, Kandersteg

“EUs menneskerettighetscharter” Kurs for Stortinget.

skal vi med Hva skal vi med vitenskap?” Debattmøte om boken Hva skal vi
med vitenskap? Aschehoug/Universitetsforlaget. 

‘The legitimacy of international human rights review’ Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

“Om reflektiv likevekt” Etikkprogrammet, UiO, Hadelandsseminar

legitimacy of the New International Law: Challenges
, Requirements and
Questions” Round table on “The New International Law and its
theoretical implications. ” Jurfak ” Conference on ‘the New
International Law’

“On democracy” Workshop on Deliberative Democracy, Harvard University

the Ethical Screening Procedures of the Norwegian Pension Fund”
Peterson Institute for International Economics
, Washington
, DC.

Om Pensjonsfondets etiske råd, Politisk kvarter/Dagsnytt etc.

Legitimacy Challenge for New Modes of Governance: Normative Standards
and Compliance Issues” NEWGOV Workshop
, Florence

Om Makt-og demokratiutredningen, PhD seminar juridisk fakultet

On the legitimacy of autonomous European agencies ” Comments on Stefan Griller and Andreas Orator. NEWGOV workshop, Brussels.

Om Rawls og rettsteori, PhD seminar Juridisk fakultet, UiO

Om Pensjonsfondets etiske råd ” interview, Finlands TV

How to Organize Democracy in Multi-level and Multi-cultural States: Can
it be done? Should it be done?” Workshop on EU Model Under Discussion
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

 “Will the
Reform Treaty Combat the Union’s Legitimacy Crisis?” Conference on The
Legitimacy Problem of the European Union: Normative Theories and Public
Debates in New and Old Member States. Prague
, organized by Univ
Saarland, Volkswagen-Stiftung, Czech Academy of Sciences.

democracy leave some beyond its Borders? The case against” Special
Workshop on Global Democracy and Global Exclusion
, IVR Conference,

International Human Rights review – Effective? Fair? IVR Conference, Krakow /Follesdal-Krakow-ECtHR.doc

 “Legitimate Global Inequality?” Workshop on Global Justice,  IVR conference, Krakow /Follesdal-Krakow-GJ.doc

 “Om John Rawls’ politiske filosofi” Civita

Council on Ethics of the Norwegian Pension Fund”
, Roundtable on
Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) – The Price of Reputational Risk
Institutional Investors’ 6th Annual European Investment Roundtable,
Salzburg.  ” Cancelled..

“Om valgdeltakelse” ” TV2-nyhetskanalen

“Om Liberalisme ” Rawls og Nozick” Studentersamfundet, Chateau Neuf Tea/Rawls-Nozick.rtf

EU og demokratisering” ” Statsvitenskapens 60års jubileumskonferanse –
Vitenskap og virkelighet.

 “Methods in philosophical research on human rights”
Conference on Methods of Human Rights Research
, University of
, Netherlands. [ABSTRACT] [WEB VERSION].

“Etikk og medansvar: Uttrekk av selskaper i Statens pensjonsfond utland” Institutt for statsvitenskap, UiO

“Federalism” for delegates from the Nepali Election Commission. NCHR

“Legitimacy and Democracy in Europe” Workshop on ‘Legitimacy and Democracy in Europe’, Norwegian Institute, Rome.

 “Human rights in Europe” Workshop on ‘Legitimacy and Democracy in Europe’, Norwegian Institute, Rome.



International Human Rights Judicial Review. Copenhagen Philosophy Department.

Hvordan bør forskningen organiseres? Forskergrupper og forskningsledelse Konferanse, juridiske fakulteter, Lysebu

 Miniseminar om troskapsløfte for norske statsborgere, Arbeids- og integrasjonsdepartementet /doc/troskaps-lofte.doc

Undervisning om juristetikk, ExFac, Juridisk fakultet.

Om dyreetikk og parfymeindustrien, Verdibørsen.

the EU does not need a Uniform Approach to Human Rights” Workshop on
“New Spaces of European Governance”
, University of Vienna

there was no Common and Unique European or National Identity
, would we
have to Create One?” “Multiculturalism
, and Nationalism in a World of
Immigration”  Copenhagen

What is New and What is Old?
Reflections on the History of Ideas behind the Current Discussions on
Human Rights
, Democracy and Constitutionalism. Nordic Research Training
Course: “Human Rights
, Democracy and Constitutionalism” Copenhagen.

the Democratic Legitimacy of Power ” How to Assess the “Democratic” or
“Undemocratic” Nature of Political Organs
, National or International
Judicial Bodies, or International Organizations.” Nordic Research
Training Course: “Human Rights, Democracy and Constitutionalism”

“Disability and Informed Consent” Conference on Disability and Equal Opportunity, Bergen

 “On the Constitutional Treaty for Europe” ” China Autonomy Programme, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

 “Tensions Between Democracy and Human Rights Constraints” University of Bern, Switzerland.

“Accountability as a means for legitimacy in new modes of EU governance” Lausanne, Switzerland.

“7 steps toward more legitimate multi-level governance” Workshop, the Hague. Haag.doc

“The Legitimacy Deficits of the European Union: A Taxonomy ” Newgov training course Florence

“The Seven Habits of Highly Legitimate New Modes of Governance ” Newgov training course Florence
the Constitutional Treaty of Europe: If the Constitutional Treaty was
the solution
, what was the problem? ” IPSA Fukuoka Japan.

Convenor and Chair, panel on “The Democratic theory of New Modes of Governance”, IPSA Fukuoka Japan

“Avigail Eisenberg on Pluralism” Panel on Author meets Critics, IPSA Fukuoka Japan

Legitimacy of International Human Rights Judicial Review” International
Colloquium on Universalism in International Law and Political
, Helsinki

 “Bringing the Union Closer to the People”? “Subsidiarity and human rights in the European Union” Lhasa, Tibet, China

Legitimacy of International Human Rights Judicial Review” Reconsidering
Democracy and Human Rights in the Emerging Constellation of
Transnational Power APSA

“Bringing the Union Closer to the
People? Subsidiarity and Human Rights in the European  Union and
in the Constitutional Treaty for Europe”
, Panel on Federalism

 “On federalism” Kathmandu, Nepal ” Utenriksdepartementets seminar for medarbeidere

“On Federalism” Kathmandu, Nepal ” Utenriksdepartementets seminar for grupper i Nepal.

Om Makt- og demokratiutredningen, Sem, Norsk senter for menneskerettigheter

Complicity in Companies’ Unethical Conduct”
,  Conference on
Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations, Council on Ethics of
the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, Oslo.

as Director of Research at an Interdisciplinary Human Rights
, Seminar on Interdisciplinary Research Methodologies,

 “Hvorfor prøvingsretten likevel ikke
truer det demokratiske folkestyret.” forskergruppen i konstitusjonelle
, Juridisk fakultet.

“Rawls’ Law of Peoples” Global Justice; Statsvetenskapliga Institution, Stockholms universitet.

the Constitutional Treaty help alleviate the Union’s Legitimacy
Crisis?” Svenska institutet för europapolitiska studier
, Stockholm.


 EUs forfatningstraktat , Venstre Kristiansund

Om KRL-faget, Paneldebatt på MIFA-kafeen (Minoriteter i Fokus i Akademia), Universitetet i Oslo

of legitimacy in the European Union” CONNEX workshop on accountability
democracy, legitimacy and representation, Leiden.

“Looking for Deliberative Democracy,” Conference on Democracy Unbound, NTNU Trondheim FRIDA

EUs forfatningstraktat og de demokratiske underskudd. Venstre Hedmark: EU ” Norges muligheter innenfor og utenfor, Hamar.

Om Etiske regler for petroleumsfondet ” Økonomisk institutt, UiO

Om Rawls og rettsteori, PhD seminar Juridisk fakultet, UiO

“Har Gud plass i Europa?” Onsdagsdebatt, Studentersamfundet UiO

at Conference on “The European Union and the World: Asia
, Enlargement
and Constitutional Change” IPSA Research Group 3, Beijing, China.

for Deliberative Democracy. Special Workshop on “Deliberative Democracy
and Its Discontents: Views from the State and the European Union” IVR
Granada (Profs. S. Besson and J. L. Martí).

Exit, Choice and
Loyalty: A Liberal Contractualist Response to Dilemmas in Europe
between Religious Liberty and Gender Equality. Special Workshop on
Gender, Culture and Rights. A Tribute to Susan Møller Okin. IVR,
Granada. (Profs.E.Beltrán and M.Guerra)

Federal Toleration of
Human Rights Violations and Economic Inequality. Special Workshop on
Habermas and Rawls on Human Rights and Democracy.  IVR
, Granada.
(Prof. A.Bernstein)

Democracy, Human Rights and the Principle
of Subsidiarity ” IVR Special Workshop on Globalisation and Democracy.
Granada. (Profs. C. C. Gould and A.M. Macleod)

“Theories of Legitimacy and New Modes of Governance”, NEWGOV conference, EUI, Florence.

the Economics Trap? The Religious
, Cultural and Ethnic Dimensions of
Conflict Traps” Workshop on Peace building and Post-War
Aid.    CMI, Bergen

“The European Constitution and Political Theory in Europe” University of Oslo Faculty of Law Summer School.

smuler om statsborgerskapsloven: hva bør vi mene om dobbelt
, troskapsløfte og kunnskapskrav?”
, Kommunal- og

 ” Looking for Deliberative Democracy.” Philosophy Department, Boston University.

“Rawls’ Law of Peoples” Workshop on John Rawls, Copenhagen Business School.

and Multilevel governance” Symposium on Reforms to improve the quality
of democracy in Europe. ECPR General Conference Budapest

“If a
Common and Unique European identity is the solution
, what is the
problem?” Symposium on Europe and Political Theory: the Calls for a
European Identity. ECPR General Conference Budapest

“The seven
habits of highly legitimate representative democracy” Panel on
, Interests and the Legitimacy of European Governance.
ECPR General Conference Budapest.

“On the notion of legitimacy
, Conference on Global Governance
, Regionalisation and
Regulation: the Role of the EU. GARNET/Dipartimento di Filosofia,
Universita di Firenze

“Legitimacy beyond the State:
Categorical Imperative or Category Mistake?” Democracy and Legitimacy
beyond the state. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
, Belgium. CONNEX

the future of Europe require a European Identity?” Assessing European
Political Integration: How is the theoretical study of the EU evolving?
University of Minho
, Braga, Portugal.

“EUs demokratiske underskudd: Symptomer og diagnose” Universitetet i Oslo, Statvitenskap/Etterutdanning

demokratiske underskudd: forfatningstraktaten som resept for et
føderalt demokrati?” Universitetet i Oslo
, Statvitenskap/Etterutdanning

International judicial review, Nordic Network on Political Theory, Oslo.

seven habits of highly legitimate new modes of governance” Workshop
on  “Accountability and legitimacy in multi-level governance”
CONNEX conference
, Mannheim. FRIDA

 Om etikk for forvaltningsjurister, Rikstrygdeverket.

Om Petroleumfondets etiske råd, Olje-og energidepartementet. FRIDA

 On Democracy and Globalisation. Panel, American Philosophical Association, New York.




Om integrering, med Kommunal- og regionaldepartementet

“Hvis innvandrerstatistikk er svaret, hva er spørsmålet?” Statistisk sentralbyrå

 “On Inter-Level Accountability and Decentralization” Council of Europe: Future of Democracy. Geneva.

 “Human rights in federal systems” Acc Diff seminar

“Arbeidsmiljølovens unntak for religionssamfunns forskjellsbehandling av homofile” NRK Søndagsavisa

“Om flertallsstyre og folkeavstemninger” WOK P2

“Om Hijab ” dilemmaer” Folkets hus

“Om Hijab ” dilemmaer” Dagsnytt 18 NRK

“Om John Rawls vs. Robert Nozick” Studentersamfunnet, Universitetet i Bergen

“Om å prissette en ødelagt barndom til 3,7 millioner kroner” WOK P2.

rights in federal systems – the challenges of poly-centric political
, illustrated by the European Union”  Beijing China

concerns about federations in general and about the EU in particular”
The Norwegian Kant Society Symposium on Law
, Politics
, Ethics
, and
Kant’s Practical Philosophy. Oslo

“Looking for deliberative democracy” EUI, Florence

“Om etiske retningslinjer, konkurranseutsetting” Asker kommune

“Om EU og demokrati” Venstres landskonferanse

“Etiske retningslinjer: Gullegg, glorie eller galge?” Losby golf

“Political Consumerism” Refsnes Gods

“Accommodating Difference” Presentation at AHRI Conference, Oslo

“Verdier og fordeling” Kontaktkonferanse mellom Helsedepartementet og Kirkerådet

Demokrati i EU ” Venstres EU-konferanse

Difference” Presentation at Norwegian Research Council Conference on
, Human Rights and Development
, Oslo

“Hva er vitsen med filosofer? Filosofen som Coach” Interaction ” Sellæg og Wroldsen, Oslo

, Choice and Loyalty: A Liberal Contractualist Response to Dilemmas
in Europe between Religious Liberty and Gender Equality” ESF
, Rome.

Om EUs grunnlovstraktat, for journalist-seminaret, Europakommisjonens delegasjon i Norge, Gardermoen

“The EU’s sources of legitimacy”  ARENA Seminar


“Bedriftenes samfunnsansvar ” Gullegg
, glorie eller galge?” Rotary Oslo.

“Om whistleblowing” Her og nå, NRK P1.

Om integreringsmeldingen, KRD.

“Om kunst og dyr” K-punkt, NRK P2.

Statssekretærmøte om integreringsmeldingen, KRD.

“Om dyreetikk” P4 Fil

“On Soroka, Miller, Johnston and Banting” ” The Francqui Prize Conference, Brussels

“Verdier i skolen” Utdanningsforbundet, Oslo   Utdanningsforbundet.doc

Legitimacy ” ECPR Edinburgh

“Om assistert suicid ” fra den filosofiske debatten” Mitt livs testamente

“Om Rawls og rettsteori” Doktorgradsseminaret, Juridisk fakultet, UiO.

“Bedriftenes samfunnsansvar” Vikingakademiet, Stavanger

Om dyrevelferd NRK P2.

the Conflict Trap: the Hidden Roles of Culture and Religion in
Diagnosis and Cure.” New Century Scholars
, Belfast

“If European Citizenship is the right answer, what is the question?” EURESCO Conference, Italy 

 “John Rawls, vår tids viktigste filosof?”, Studentersamfunnet UiO /Rawls-studsamfunnet.doc NCHR

“On European Identity: Is a Shared and Unique Identity the Solution?” ARENA seminar, Oslo

 “Citizenship and justice ” Global and European” Etikkprogrammet: Global Justice .

 “Human rights and relativism” Global Justice-konferanse

 “European Identity: is a Shared and Unique Identity the Solution?” ARENA seminar

Studentersamfundet: Europas identitet ARENA

Identity: If a European Identity is the solution for the European
, what is the problem? Kant-selskapet
, Universititet i Oslo.

“Liberalisme” NIBR

Menneskerettigheter mot asiatiske verdier? Amnesty International ” avdeling på juridisk fakultet, UiO.

“Sikrer menneskerettighetene menneskets rettigheter? Studentersamfundet, UiO

“Med rett til å drepe? Om dyrs rettigheter” Verdibørsen P2

“Om moral og tillit” VOK P2.

“EUs grunnlovsutkast ” hva kan Norge lære?” Europabevegelsens rådsmøte.

“Religion in Europe” ” Harvard Center for European Studies-Berlin

“Næringslivets samfunnsansvar ” Gullegg, glorie eller galge?” Nærings- og handelsdepartementet

“Four conceptions of balance in the European Union” The Federal Trust, London.



Likeverd på anbud? Kan markedet sikre likeverd i morgendagens velferdskommune? KS konferanse: Velferd i klemme.

Likeverd på anbud? KS konferanse Haugesund

Human Rights Regime Accommodating Difference Seminar, NCHR

“Teknologi, etikk og samfunnsutvikling”, Ingeniøretikk, NITO/NIF

“Konsumentboykottens politiske teori” Sollandsforeningen, Oslo.

Consumerism on behalf of Human Rights – A trend in need of political
theory? Association of Human Rights Institutes
, Åbo
, Finland

“Teknologi, etikk og samfunnsutvikling”, Ingeniøretikk, NITO hovedstyre, Gardermoen

EU og legitimitet – Filosofisk institutt, Københavns universitet

normativ politisk teori død i Norden? Diagnose og prognose” Copenhagen
Lectures on Political Theory
, Institut for Statskundskab
, Københavns

“Rebuilding Europe at Sea: Challenges to drafting
a Constitution for the EU” A Constitution for Europe? On the Future of
the European Union in a Globalizing World. Workshop
,Frankfurt: Johann
Wolfgang Goethe- Universität.

“The Legitimacy of Informal
Governance: The Normative Issues” Conference on Informal Governance in
the European Union. European University Institute
, Florence.

EU’s search for a Consistent Human Rights Policy: Challenges” The
Actors Preventing and Resolving new International Conflicts
, Encontros
, Fundacao Oriente
, Lisbon.

“Whence and Whither Federal Ideas for Europe” Panel on “The European Union and Democratic Theory” APSA, Boston

Societal Membership
, and the Integration of Immigrants”
, moderator
Metropolis Conference Oslo

“Jon Wetlesen – Postmaterialist” Instituttsymposium, Institutt for filosofi, UiO.

“Menneskerettigheter – minimumskrav for politisk legitimitet? Hva så? NORAD /Partnerforum

Conceptions of Legitimacy – If a Constitution is the solution
, what is
the problem?” Panel on Democracy and Citizenship
, Pan-European
Conference on European Union Politics
, Bordeaux
, 26-28 September

“Accommodating Difference through Human Rights
Regimes?” Norwegian Institute for Human Rights Workshop on
Accommodating Difference.

“Sivil ulydighet for dyrs rettigheter” Seminar om “Aksjonsformer innen dyrevern”, Landbrukshøyskolen på Ås.

“Federalism” at “Nordic Network for Political Theory”, Voksenåsen, Oslo.

andre ser på ingeniøren – og hvordan ingeniøren ser på seg selv – Om
teknologenes verdigrunnlag og verdivalg” NITO Buskerud
, Drammen

“The European Union and Human Rights: Searching for Unitary, not Uniform Policies.” Human Rights School for Lawyers, Dubrovnik.

prioritering baseres på plikt-etikk eller nytte-etikk?” Konferanse om
Verdien av liv og helse – hvor mye bør samfunnet være villig til å
betale for helseforbedringer? HERO
, Sosial- og helsedirektoratet
, SMM.

a European Constitution: Challenges and Opportunities” European
Governance and Democracy – What Prospects
, Opportunities and Threats
November 14th – 15th
, Brussels
, Belgium

“Om oppdragsforskning” Verdibørsen, P2.

andre ser på ingeniøren – og hvordan ingeniøren ser på seg selv – Om
teknologenes verdigrunnlag og verdivalg” NITO Vestfold
, Åsgårdstrand.

“Corporate Social Responsibility – gullegg, glorie eller galge?” Bærum Vest Rotaryklubb

“UNICEF-om barns medinnflytelse” Stortinget, Oslo

“Likeverd på anbud?” Faglig-pedagogisk dag, UiO


Likeverd på anbud? Faglig-pedagogisk dag
, UiO

Intervju, P4, om forbrukerboikott, oppfølging av 3. side i Dagbladet.

Intervju, P4 Tro og utro, om dyreetikk

Boklansering Dyreetikk

Intervju, Verd å vite P2, om dyreetikk

Menneskerettigheter og ulike verdisyn: Vestlige mot asiatiske verdier?” Unge forskere, Humaniorahelg, UiO.

Intervju om dyreetikk, VOC P2

Intervju i Vårt Land om dyreetikk?

Menneskerettigheter og ulike verdisyn: Vestlige mot asiatiske verdier?” Avdelingsseminar, Avd for filosofi

Om dyreetikk, ACEM radio.

FrokostTV om Verdikommisjonens sluttrapport

Fagkritisk dag, Fil. Inst: om Modulisering

“Et reflektert næringsliv?” ordstyrer, Humanioradagene.

“De truer demokratiet, mener EU-forsker” Intervju i Dagens Næringsliv s. 33.

“Rådgivere og demokrati” “Til Debatt” Dagens Næringsliv

“The morality of nationalism” PRIO seminar

Citizenship” – “European Citizenship: beyond borders
, across
identities” European Commission Dialogue Workshop
, Brussels

KRL-faget: Når noen er likere enn andre – Fagforståelse og premisser
for revisjon av faget ” – Fagkonferanse om KRL-faget
, Håndverkeren

Om KRL-faget – SVs gruppe på Stortinget.

“Union Citizenship – Unpacking the Beast of Burden” Institutt for menneskerettigheter, UiO.

“Holdninger finnes ikke — og de endres hele tiden” Handels- og serviceorganisasjonen, Bolkesjø

“The Ethics of Ethics Consultants”, National Institutes of Health, Washington DC

“Political Consumerism as Chance and Challenge” International business ethics, Conference on Political Consumerism, Stockholm

reactions against Austria 2000 – just or unjust?” Testing Democracy at
the Margins: A Transatlantic Dialogue on ‘Extremism’ in Democracy.
Diplomatische Akademie Wien
, and US Embassy
, Austria.

Interview on Lessons from the reactions against Austria, Östereichischer Rundfunk

“Rawls in Norden”, Conference on Rawls in Europe, King’s College. London.

Justice and the Claims of Indigenous Minorities – Why Indigenous
Peoples are Special” Einstein Forum on Historical Injustice
, Potsdam.

“On John Rawls: Justice as Fairness: A Briefer Restatement ” East China Normal University, Shanghai.

“On Rawls: Law of Peoples: The Standing of Illiberal States” East China Normal University, Shanghai

“Global Justice: Human rights, Western or Universal?” Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China

“Global justice” East China Normal University, Shanghai.

ethics in a value pluralistic society: challenges and content ”
International Forum on “Moral Education in the Process of
, East China Normal University, Shanghai.

Schools and Equality… Association for Teacher Education in Europe, Annual Conference, Stockholm.

“On the Outside Looking in: The View from Norway” Role and Meaning of ‘European’ Constitutionalism. ECPR – IR Canterbury, Kent.

representative demokrati som provisorisk utopi? Vad ska hända efter det
representative demokratiet? Demokrati i framtiden Vetenskapsrådet och
, Sverige, Lunds Universitet.

“Verdikommisjonen (1998-2000) Hvil i fred – Hva nå?” Etikk på Voksenåsen.

“Constitutionalism in the EU” Nordic Network on Political Theory, Uppsala University.

as Impartiality – On the occasion of Brian Barry’s receipt of the
Skytte Prize


” Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social
Sciences – SCASSS.

“En global velferdsstat – En moralsk forpliktelse? – En naiv utopi? – Hva bør FNs rolle være?” Studentersamfunnet, Chateau Neuf.

at conference on “Unity and diversity The contribution of the social
sciences and the humanities to the European Research Area Brugge


Om Leo Tolstoy, Verdibørsen, NRK P2

“The Citizen of no Country? Business Ethics in an Open World” Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)

etikk og samfunnsutvikling: Om teknologenes verdigrunnlag og verdivalg”
Nordisk etikk-konferanse
, De nordiske ingeniør- og
sivilingeniørforeninger. Ingeniørenes hus
, Oslo

“Teorier om
internasjonal rettferdighet – tankespinn eller troverdig tilnærming?”
Hinsides Hakkebakkeskogen
, Institutt for menneskerettigheter
Universitetet i Oslo.

“Om eugenikk og genteknologi – etiske perspektiver” Bioteknologinemnda.

“When most are more equal than others” Multiculturalism ” Learning from the Canadian experience. Canadian Embassy, Oslo.

“The Legitimacy of Regulatory Comitology” ARENA-seminar (ARENA)

“Etiske retningslinjer og verdiplattformer – gullegg, glorie eller galge?” Kompetansesenteret, Universitetet i Oslo.

and Equality” Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung
, Universität
, Tyskland; and Carnegie Council on Ethics and International
Affairs. (ARENA)

“Local Agenda 21 in Europe: Exploring the
implications for subsidiarity and local democratisation” Session on
Globalisation and democratic theory
, International Political Science
, Quebec. (ARENA)

Commentator on Main Theme Panel 5.9 Global Environmental Justice, IPSA Quebec. (ARENA)

Nationalism – Defending the Very Idea” The Past and the Future of the
Liberal Tradition. International Society for the Study of European
, Bergen(ARENA)

Commentator, Workshop Is there a Third Way. International Society for the Study of European Ideas, Bergen. (ARENA)

, Theories of Democracy for Europe: Principles and Preconditions.
International Society for the Study of European Ideas, Bergen. (ARENA)

of Democracy for Europe: Multi-level Challenges for Multi-level
Governance” på Workshop Theories of Democracy for Europe: Principles
and Preconditions. International Society for the Study of European
, Bergen. (ARENA)

“Comments on Iris Young”, Senter for kvinneforskning, Universitetet i Oslo (FILINST)

Konferanseleder, “Universitetet som kunnskapsbedrift.” Forskerforbundet.

The Legitimacy of Comitology in the European Union, Max Planck Institute, Cologne/(ARENA)/EURCIT/

Seminar om religion og livssyn i skolen – samarbeid med SMED

Om “Likhet og positiv diskriminering” (Verdinettets seminar om Verdispørsmål)

og politikk: Premisser og paradokser” Institutt for
menneskerettigheter: “Utfordringer i menneskerettighetsforskningen”

“EU som demokratisk rettsstat?” Partnerforum, Universitetet i Oslo: “EU som forvaltningspolitisk utfordring.”

og EUs legitimitet ”  Statskonsult: “Nice-traktaten: et steg i
retning av et større og tettere integrert EU?”


“Hva slags likhet? Om Sens begrep funksjoner og mulighetsrom” Senter for vitskapsteori, Bergen

“Genteknologi: grotesk eller genial?” Miljøverndepartementet, Oslo

og ulike verdisyn: vestlige mot asiatiske verdier?”
Gunerusforelesningene 1999
, Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab

“Business and Ethics in an Open World” Norges Handelshøyskole.

Political Theory of Federalism and Subsidiarity”
, Dr.Polit.kurs:
Multilevel governance: positive and normative analysis. Inst. for
, Universitetet i Oslo. (ARENA)

“How nationality
matters: a Liberal Contractualist sketch”
, International Distributive
Justice: Cosmopolitanism and its Critics ECPR
, Mannheim. (ARENA)

“Makt, Rawls og rettigheter” Makt- og demokratiutredningsseminaret, Universitetet i Oslo. (FILINST)

“Likeverd på anbud? Kan markedet sikre likhet i morgendagens velferdsstat?” Avslutningskonferanse Velferd og Samfunn, Oslo.

“Fellesskapsverdier: filosofiske perspektiver” Motverdikommisjonen, Universitetet i Oslo. (FILINST)

“The Units of Europe: Autonomous or Equal?” Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin, Germany. EURCIT/(ARENA)

“Just European Patriotism?” Freie Universitat, Berlin, Germany /eur-patr.doc EURCIT/(ARENA)

European Patriotism?” Conference on Democracy in Europe
, CERI Centre
d’Etudes de Relations Internationales (Center for International Studies
and Research), Sciences po, Paris, France. (ARENA)

democracy for Multi-level European Governance” Boston Working Group on
European Integration and Democracy
, Harvard University, USA

“EU som forskningstema i politisk filosofi” Lunchseminar, Filosofisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo. (FILINST)

“Er nasjonalstaten truet?” Europaseminaret, Europeisk Ungdom, Universitetet i Oslo. (ARENA)

“Om evaluering av det nye kristendomsfaget” Diaforsk, Diakonhjemmets forskningsinstitutt

allmennmoralen og hverdagsspråket etisk teori – to grunner.
Refleksjoner om K.E.Tranøy og Ivar Asheims bøker” Menighetsfakultetets
, Holmenkollen Park Hotell. (FILINST)

“Om statsborgerskap”, Migrapolis NRK TV2. (ARENA), (FILINST)

“Hvorfor smerte er viktig i ulike etiske teorier” Kan laks lide? Symposium, Universitetet i Oslo (FILINST)


“Five Theories of Subsidiarity: Features and Flaws.” Bremen, Germany (ARENA)

“Hva slags likhet – hvorfor likhet? Normative føringer på forskning om makt og demokrati” Norsk sosiologforening.

Principle of Subsidiarity: Alternative Interpretations and
Justifications” Conference on Sustainable Communities in Europe: A
Cross-National Assessment of the Implementation of Agenda 21 at the
Local Level of Governance. A Concerted Action under EU Commission

“Democracy and Subsidiarity” LOS, Bergen (ARENA)

country nationals as Euro-citizens – the case defended” Conference on
, Minorities and New Forms of Citizenship in the European Union
. European University Institute
, Florence. (ARENA)

minorities – The shadow of injustice past” ECPR conference Warwick
, UK.
Workshop on Sub-Sovereign European Nations (ARENA)

Contractualist Justice: the Precarious Claims to Equal Shares” – UK
Association for Legal and Social Philosophy

“Global Justice”, forskerkurs, med professor Thomas Pogge, Etikkprogrammet, Norges forskningsr†d.

“Global Justice and democracy” North Adams, Mass. USA. (ARENA)

“European Citizenship” World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, Mass. USA. (ARENA)

“Europeisk velferd – hva så?” Oslo Studentfestival,Universitetet i Oslo. (ARENA)

Læring og likeverd: bør skolen sikre likhet?” Fagkritisk dag, Utdanningsvitenskapelig fakultet, Universitetet i Oslo.

a moral unity in plurinational context: can the EU ever become anything
else than a modus vivendi?” Comparative Politics Conference 1998: Human
Rights in Modern Democracies
, University of Bergen. (ARENA)

“Globalisering og demokrati” 9. november konferansen, Europabevegelsen. (ARENA)

Philosopher as Coach: Expertise and Expectations of Ethics Consultants”
Schoessmann Seminar on the Expert in Modern Societies: Historical and
Contemporary Perspectives. Max Planck Society
, Berlin.

“Distributive Justice: International and European” British International Studies Association, Brighton. (ARENA)


“Rawls’ Law of Peoples” University of Reading, England (ARENA)

“The Cultural Rights of Minorities” University of Exeter, England. (ARENA)

“Demokratiets internasjonale forpliktelser”, Institutt for Statsvitenskap, UiO. (ARENA)

for likhet? Velferdsstatens internasjonale forpliktelser”
Diskusjonsgruppe i Kritisk Internasjonal Politisk Teori. (ARENA)

“Citizenship and political rights in the European Union”, (ARENA).

“Rawls’ Law of Peoples” University of Reading, England (ARENA)

“Om demokrati og føderale ordninger”, Institutt for statsvitenskap, UiO. (ARENA)

“Demokrati i EU” Ph.D. seminar, Danmark. (ARENA)

“Sustainable Development and Human Rights”, Senter for Utvikling og Miljø, UiO.

“Velferdsstat og rettferdighet: Forskningstemaer” Norges forskningsråd, Velferd og samfunn, Oslo.

and Political Rights in the European Union: Consensus and Questions”
Grundrechte in Europa
, Osterreichischer Dialog uber politische und
soziale Rechte in der EU. Vienna, Austria. (ARENA)

, Democracy and Culture” Workshop on Global Ethics, Senter for
Utvikling og Miljø, Universitetet i Oslo, og (ARENA).

“Stopper velferdsstaten og kvinnekamp ved landegrensen? Etikk og utenrikspolitikk” U-landsseminar, Universitetet i Oslo.

“Subsidiaritetsprinsippet” ARENA, Oslo. (ARENA)

“European Citizenship” ARENA konferanse, Oslo. (ARENA)

Citizenship: Consensus and Challenges” at Conference on Europe: the
third phase of democracy?
, NorFa, Ustedalen/Geilo, Norway (ARENA)


“Cultural Pluralism” Ethics Seminar of the Faculty of History and Philosophy, University of Oslo. August.

Criticism of Liberal Contractualism” Conference on Memory
, History and
Critique: European Identity at the Millennium. Utrecht
, The
Netherlands, August. (ARENA)

“The Case for Consent” 10th
Conference of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and
Health Care
, Vienna, Austria, August.

“The Standing of States” 19th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchbeng am Wechsel, Austria, August. (ARENA)

“Democracy and Federalism in the EU” ARENA Conference, Holmenkollen, August. (ARENA)

“Demokrati i EU” ARENAs departementseminar, Administrasjonsdepartementet. (ARENA)

“Internasjonale forpliktelser og demokrati” UiO forskerkurs: Demokrati, forutsetninger og virkninger, Oslo. (ARENA)

“The Standing of States”, Conference on Political Theory, Randsvangen. (ARENA)


“Research, Privacy and Consent”, Conference on research ethics, Videnskapsakademiet, Oslo.

“The significance of Borders, National and European”, ARENA conference, March. (ARENA)

welfare obligations end at the Boundaries of the Nation State?”
conference, Hankø and at SEEP conference, Hannover, Germany, September.

“Justice among Sovereign States”, ARENA seminar, September. (ARENA)

“The significance of State Borders”, Uppsala University, Sweden. (ARENA)

“Normative research on the Europeanisation of the Nation State”, Uppsala University, Sweden. (ARENA)


Moral Sovereignty of Professions.  Conference of Association for
Practical and Professional Ethics
, Cleveland
, Ohio, USA.

theory and our responsibilities towards less industrialized
countries.  Conference on Medical Ethics
, Research, and Developing
Countries, Oslo.

On Rawls’ ‘The Law of Peoples’. HFs ethics seminar, University of Oslo.


Contractualism and the Ethics of Bargaining. Copenhagen Conference on Organizational Ethics.

Philosophers as Ethics Consultants: Expertise and expectations. European Business Ethics Network, Sandvika.


On role demands and common morality. Oslo Business School.


On John Rawls. Institute for Comparative Politics, University of Bergen


Justifying Human Rights. Institute for Human Rights, University of Oslo.

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