Should States Ratify Human Rights Conventions?

Events: Workshop, Seminar etc.


Preparatory Workshops

June 23-28 2008: The Impact of Ratification (Oslo)

November 27-28 2008: Legitimacy (Paris)

April 21-22 2009: Human Rights Treaties and Treaty Bodies (Helsinki)

Opening Symposium/

PhD Course

 August 18-21 2009: Symposium, Conference and PhD Course (CAS)

Seminars, Workshops

August 14: Project presentation: Beth Simmons

August 25: Project presentations: Liu Huawen, Henriette Aasen

September 1: Project presentations: (Anne Julie Semb,) Geir Ulfstein, Andreas Føllesdal

September 22: Project presentations: Hege Skjeie, Lynn Dobson

September 23: About the project, at CAS: Geir Ulfstein and Andreas Follesdal

September 29: About the project, at New York University Law School: Geir Ulfstein and Andreas Follesdal

October 14, 13.30 - 15.30: Project presentations: Mads Andenæs, Basak Cali, Ole Kristian Fauchald

October 15, 14.30-16.00: Legitimacy Reading Group: Eric Posner: The Perils of Global Legalism - Posner I -- Posner II / Geir Ulfstein

October 26 14.30 - 16.30: Project presentation: Basak Cali

October 27: Project presentations: Anne Julie Semb, Hege Skjeie

October 29 13.15-15.00: Legitimacy Reading Group: Allen Buchanan: Justice, Legitimacy and Self-determination, Synopsis , Ch 5: Political Legitimacy, Chapter 7: The Legitimacy of the International System ('Paris2008') /Andreas Føllesdal

October 30 13.15-15.00: Legitimacy Reading Group: Dan Bodansky in Wolfrum and Roben /

November 5: Legitimacy Reading Group: Hessler

November 10: Project presentations: Henriette Aasen, Geir Ulfstein

November 16: Seminar om Internasjonale domstolerVidenskaps-Akademiet

November 17: Project presentation: Jonas Karlsson

November 25: Working Group on Ratification Florence

December 1: Andreas Follesdal [Hege Skjeie?]

December 15: Project Presentation: Lynn Dobson

January 12, 2010: 13.15-15.00: Project Presentations: Arild Underdal, Anne Hellum

January 14-15, 2010: Workshops at Democracy Conference, University of Oslo:

January 19, 2010: 13.15-14.00: Birgit Schlütter

February 4 : 13.15-15.00: Helen Keller, Johan Karlsson

February 26, 2010: Working Group on Treaty Bodies Oslo

March 2, 12.30-13.30: Anne Julie Semb: Research Design: Using cases. NOTE: In Andreas Follesdal' Office:

March 9, 13.15-15.00: Richard Bellamy: Own Research Plans; Arild Underdal: on Methodological issues

March 17: Yash Ghai: On the Constitution and Human Rights in Nepal

March 11-12, 2010: Working Group on CEDAW Oslo

April 22, 13.15-14.00: Johan Karlsson

April 27, 13.15-14.00: Legitimacy Reading Group: Allen Buchanan, Ch 5: Political Legitimacy/Richard Bellamy. Note: in the Seminar Room!

May 3, 13.15-14.00 - Project Presentation: Hélène Ruiz Fabri

May 4, 10.30-12.00: Legitimacy Reading Group: Allen Buchanan, Ch 7: Legitimacy of the International Legal System. In Andreas' office

May 18, 13.15-14.00: Malcolm Langford

May 20, 13.15-14.30: Project Presentation: Thomas Pogge,

----- 14.30-16.00: Legitimacy Reading Group: Andreas Follesdal: The Legitimacy of International Human Rights Review - the Case of The European Court of Human Rights, Journal of Social Philosophy 2009, 595-607. Alternative download

June 1, 10.15-12.00: Legitimacy Reading Group: James Nickel: Treaty Rights, Adjudication and the Rights Question. NOTE: meets at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Seminar Room, Cort Adelers gate 30

June 14: Working Group on Treaty Bodies, Oslo

June 18: Working Group on Legitimacy, Paris



Ph.D. Course

September 6-10, Reykjavik/Iceland: Nordic Research School on Human Rights: Should States Ratify Human Rights Conventions?