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Publications: Mainly international political philosophy: human rights, Europeanisation, Globalisation.

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Global Citizenship in an interconnected world

“Global Citizenship”. in Global Citizen – Challenges and Responsibility in an Interconnected World. Ed. A. B. Sterri. Rotterdam, Sense 71-82.

Our actions and practices increasingly mutually affect others across territorial borders. Since these processes of globalization affect our opportunities and our possible impact, globalization also affects what we ought to do – as ‘global citizens’.  The chapter explores some implications for our conceptions of citizenship beyond the state. Individuals should be able to exercise some democratic voting rights and some human rights vis-à-vis governance structures above the nation state under our conditions of globalization. After a brief overview including a historical backdrop, section 2 sketches some components of global citizenship, and section 3 considers several objections to this notion. [WEB].

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